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Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

Waking up to an Easter basket is an enjoyable tradition in many households. Often Easter baskets are filled with small trinkets and lots of candy. If your family is anything like ours we are trying to cut back on our candy intake. So what can we do to fill up those Easter baskets, you may be thinking. Here are a few ideas.


Arts supplies

For those little artists you can fill their Easter Baskets with art supplies such as Markers, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, drawing paper, and construction paper.


Available at Target



Family Card Games

There are lots of fun card games that are perfect family fun nights and fillers for Easter baskets.


Available at Walmart


Gardening Supplies



A Gardening filled Easter basket for spring time fun. You can include seeds for flowers and/or veggies, gardening tools, gloves, tote and for a fun touch you can use the watering can as the Easter basket! For the little one you can grab a a kids gardening kit like the one in the image above.


Kit above available at walmart


Craft Kits



An Easter basket that will keep your kids entertained for hours. You can mix and match kits and let your child explore new crafts. These fun craft kits are all inclusive. However, you could get creative and make the easter basket of just craft supplies such as pompoms, pipe cleaners, googley eyes, glue, feathers, craft sticks, markers, beads, sequins, felt, craft foam, ect for a fun adventure of endless ideas and creations.  


Kit available at Michaels




Outdoors Games


An Easter basket to encourage outdoor play. Fill their basket with inexpensive lawn games such as toss, sidewalk shuffleboard, badminton, cornhole, jumbo horseshoes, bocce ball ect. The best part is many of these can be purchased for only 5 dollars!


Available at Five Below

(badminton set available at michaels or amazon) 


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